Additional services

In addition to our range of cyber security vulnerability assessments, we offer several supporting services to further build up your cyber security.

Incident response

Usually, cyber security incidents become noticed only by accident. When you do realize you are under an attack, most likely it has been going on for a while. In that case, it is critical to react swiftly.

Our incident response services are focused on ensuring the continuity of your business at the face of a cyber crisis.

The steps:

  • Status check: Initial actions to minimize further damage
  • Preventing loss of critical assets: Ensuring business continuity as first priority
  • Rebuilding a resilient infrastructure: Joint hands-on action to get things back on track

Defence reinforcement

Defence reinforcement is a practical process to build a stronger cyber security. Our experts will support you throughout the creation of a solid infrastructure with proper tools, documentation and guidelines.


Improving and optimizing infrastructure:

  • Clear prioritized task list for improvements
  • Hands-on creation of a easily maintained network

Mentoring, training and support:

  • Hands-on mentoring with continued support
  • Training the IT personnel

Additional service:

Preventive verification of the defences with emulated attacks.

It admin as a service

Your business is your main focus. If IT admin is not in the core of your daily life, we can offer an IT admin as a service to manage and maintain your network and applications.

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