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Red Team testing

Red team test

Red team testing, also known as ethical hacking, means testing how your organization could withstand a real wide range security attack. This is also the type of security testing that has the broadest scope, ranging across the entire operation of your company.

The read team tries to find the vulnerabilities in technology, people and the physical environment to reach your data, just as a real attacker would do.

A red team test reveals the limits of your protection and gives you a look on your security measures through the eyes of an outsider. By patching the vulnerabilities found during the test, you will be able to ensure your business continuity and protection of your valuable data.

In a read team test, you’ll learn:

How long did it take you to detect the attack? Did you detect it eventually?

How long did the response take? And was the response effective in tackling the attack?

Wide scope attack across your organization

In a red team test, our group of skilled cyber security experts take the role of hackers, trying to gain entry to your system by all means possible.

The red team tests your

  • Technology: Network and applications
  • People: Your staff and your partners
  • Physical environment: Offices and warehouses

This is a full-range test that gives you a full overview of your actual security level in both the physical and cyber domain and also understanding of how well your security procedures work when challenged.

Potential scenarios in a red team testing

External cyber attacker
Cyber criminal attacks the external applications and infrastructure or physical environment by a range of means.

Insider risk emulation
An insider, such as an employee, exploits and gains elevated privileges to get access to confidential information, or  copying and forwarding sensitive data from the servers.

Malicious customer / partner exploiting vulnerabilities in etc. extranet
An authorized customer or supplier uses and elevates their access privileges to access company data beyond their valid scope.

Malicious attack by a 3rd party, such as a managed service provider
An attacker uses the access granted to a service provider to connect into your organization or infrastructure

Social engineering through emails, phone calls, piggy backing
A hacker gains access to sensitive information by sending phishing emails, by phone calls or other means to gain access to login credentials to the network.

Detailed results for your benefit

The red team testing starts with a planning session, where the scope and duration are agreed and the details of the organization are discussed.

Then, the red team will attack your organization several times over a time period, at undisclosed times and methods. They will document their actions and their findings, both positive and negative.

As a result, you will have documented information of your safety and security with clear insight into the vulnerabilities and gaps in the protection.

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