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Software is vulnerable, but what about hardware?

The news is filled with suspicions regarding the security of Huawei’s 5G equipment. Will it be safe to use it to build the network designed to carry a huge number of critical information? No, says the US, Australia and New Zealand. Yes, says UK. We do not know who is right. But we do know that the security of hardware is a real concern.

Software vulnerabilities have long been common knowledge, while hardware has not been presumed to be the culprit. In 2018, however, major hardware based vulnerabilities were discovered. Namely, the Spectre/Meltdown bug found in Intel CPUs may leak sensitive data to attackers. Although fixes for the problems have been made, the solutions are not yet complete.

Operating systems are known to have backdoors and vulnerabilities, especially when regular updates have been missed. The possibilities are well known to cybercriminals who exploit them without delay.

3 + 1 reasons our tools are secure

No operating system whatsoever

Operating systems may have some vulnerabilities, but our tools do not have an operating system, thus they can not be vulnerable to those bugs. We take in hardware, wipe it clean and fill it with our own dedicated software. We can be certain that operating system related problems will not happen with our equipment.

We write every line of our code

Our software is our own from the beginning to the end. We do not use any open source code or plugins from public sources. If we did, we might become vulnerable to the risks included in the code.

It is not even a PC

Even PC hardware may be the culprit, but instead of PC-based systems, we use NPU technology to power our tools.

We come from the most secure place on earth, Finland

We can assure you that our tools do not come with technical vulnerabilities, nor do they come with additional backdoors. Our code is completely from Finland, a global cybersecurity hub, and a country known for its neutrality.


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