Test your system limits with

IP traffic generator Ruge

Test your system capacity and cyber resilience

Test your system security and capacity

The Ruge IP traffic generator acts as a traffic source to provide heavy traffic loads, emulated cyber attacks, and malicious traffic for negative testing.

With the Ruge, it is possible to create exactly the traffic scenario you need with full bit-level control of the traffic.

Our tools are used in 12 countries to ensure the capacity and security of IP networks and services.

Network emulations tools

Use cases for the IP traffic generator Ruge

System capacity verification
DDoS attack emulation
Security robustness testing
Testing IoT and IIot systems
Generating load for professional cyber ranges

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Ruge features

Creating traffic either from scratch or from a pre-recorded data capture
Creating stateless or stateful traffic
DDoS attack library
Negative testing with out-of-spec traffic

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