Secure your production with

OT security sensors

Identify changes and detect threats

Factories today need OT security. They are connected entities where all physical instruments are controlled by data. There are sensors, software, data storage, and electronics, all interconnected to provide seamless high-quality production.  To secure the production flow, you will need to stop threats before they stop the process.

Keep your production running

Cyber threat, device malfunction or operator mistake. All of these can happen, and you want to detect them before they affect your bottom line. You know how much each minute of halted production costs.

PreScope sensor opens a window into your network to show you what is going on in your network. It screens your traffic in real-time and as a result, it notifies you of any changes, letting you take action as soon as issues appear. With the sensor, you will always be able to access up-to-date traffic status as well as your history statistics.




Modern production facility protected by OT security systems
Automated production process needs OT security

Maintain control with OT security

The sensor helps you stop your security risks at the source. It tirelessly monitors the traffic and alerts immediately for anything that is not your typical traffic. With enhanced visibility, you will be able to keep out threats and manage any operational errors efficiently.

The sensor will never disrupt the traffic flow. The control of the network is in your hands, as it has been before. The sensor only gives you more information to base your decisions on.

Detect and contain risks

The sensor continuously monitors your traffic to find anything out of ordinary. When something happens, you will receive instant alerts with clear data including data capture of the event. The alerts can be forwarded to your ticketing system to let your team contain and remediate the risks.

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