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Security robustness testing

How robust is your system?

Ensuring robustness equals ensuring business continuity even when under an attack. A robust system will not fall victim to cyber-attacks even when it is tormented by malicious traffic.

An attacker may try to exhaust your system resources to gain access to your resources or to halt your service. Secure your service in advance to keep your services running.

Security robustness testing

Creating a testing scenario is based on providing maximum stress to the system. This is done with types of traffic will consume a large amount of system resources, and lead to practical problems, such as:

  • CPU stability compromised
  • Systems runs out of memory
  • Slowing down internal data communication
  • IP routing procedures halted

To do this to a system, the attack traffic needs to be extremely broken and malicious, such as

  • highly disordered packets
  • highly fragmented packets with disorganized fragments
  • malformed messages
  • unexpected and abnormal inputs

Gradually increasing the deviations reveals the exact level of deviations your system can handle. This will allow you to ensure your level of security and patch the vulnerabilities with exact information on what is critical.

The above test scenario is simple to create with our tools

Rude IP deviation emulator applies extreme modifications to traffic in real-time, precisely to the traffic you want.

Ruge IP load generator generates the forged and malicious content.

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