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PreScope® platform enabling cyber surveillance

Today, the major security threats exist in the cyber domain. The PreScope® Cyber Surveillance (PCS) system is built on the PreScope platform to detect those threats. The PCS system excels in finding the needle in the proverbial haystack, or in other words, the important bits of traffic in the sea of digital traffic.

PCS system gives you precise traffic monitoring and data collection abilities, that enable efficient cyber surveillance that meets the requirements for a state-of-the-art system.

Fast insight enables fast action

The PCS system enables fast data forensics with its full view of both current traffic and the history of the traffic. It also gives you data captures of suspicious data traffic, that you can easily pull out when needed. It can be easily and quickly adjusted to detect the threats you need to find.

The system has a scalable capacity, that ensures that the capacity meets the requirements even when the demand is extremely high. The PreScope allows you to use your storage and computing resources efficiently, resulting in a cost-effective total solution.

PCS benefits

  • Insight into massive data
  • Fast data forensics
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Real-time dynamic adaptivity
  • Intelligence-based dynamic filtering

Focusing on what is important

PCS allows focussing on what is important. It monitors and filters traffic to provide actionable insight into the network traffic.

The steps:

  1. For all of the traffic passing through, the system records the session data. The session data gives you a full view of the incoming traffic and visibility to past events.
  2. The PCS system filters the traffic based on a set of parameters. When traffic flows match the parameters, the system sends out an alert. The system users can continuously update the parameters to match the cyber intelligence available.
  3. Nonrelevant data is removed to fulfill regulatory constraints and to free up storage space.
  4. The data flows that have caused alerts are captured for further forensic purposes
  5. The system provides the users with the captured data, along with relevant flow data to allow them to analyze further.

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