Network emulation

Brings field to lab

Get ready for real-life challenges

Network emulation tools allow you to test your network before deployment. Testing from the early stages of the development phase helps you to find any problems immediately and fix them when it is still easy. You can ensure your network will be ready for real-life challenges and traffic loads.

Network emulator Rude  recreates any real-life challenge with vast amount of flows in the lab

IP traffic generator Ruge creates realistic traffic

Tools for testing your network

Prepare your network before deployment

Real-life network challenges can knock down your system or service. Test your system before deployment to know how it will perform when faced with unexpected conditions.

Our network emulation tools provide you with the extreme accuracy and repeatability you need to successfully prepare for smooth deployment.


Early testing with network emulator saves time and money

When you test your network elements with realistic network conditions in the early stages of the development, you will be able to confirm their functionality, security, and robustness. This allows you to save the time and money involved in fixing late-stage changes and avoid surprises when deploying the network.

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Rude network emulator



IP traffic generator Ruge

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