PreScope® network visibility platform

PreScope® enables full visibility in your network. It is an extremely flexible tool with open integration interfaces. The sensor is capable of handling vast amounts of real-time traffic, up to 100Gbps traffic speeds. The PreScope 1U form factor appliance is built on high-performance hardware running a rugged byte-crunching software.

Everything we do at Rugged Tooling is based on our ability to control IP traffic accurately, down to the byte level. Our PreScope network visibility platform builds on this experience.

With PreScope® you can:

Graph transparent

Get insight into your traffic, current and the past

The PreScope gives you in-depth network visibility into who is doing what, when and where and what protocols they are using. Our customizable interfaces ensure that  the data content and format are what you need. The platform is capable of storing the interesting data for later retrieval, to enable data forensics, for example.

Focus on important traffic

The powerful yet flexible traffic filtering ability lets you focus your processing and storage resources where they are needed the most and enable you to find threats or valuable data efficiently.

The applications

The PreScope features

Insight into traffic with in-depth statistics

Efficient use of your resources enabled by high performance

Easy integration with open interfaces

Focus on the valuable data with flexible traffic filtering

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