Aapo Cederberg to advice Rugged Tooling

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Aapo Cederberg to advice Rugged Tooling

Starting from October 12th this year, Aapo Cederberg has joined the Rugged Tooling team as an advisor. He will be a valuable addition to our advisory board due to his extensive experience and outlook on international cyber security.

Aapo Cederberg is a leading cyber security expert with vast experience in the field of cyber security. He is currently the CEO of Cyberwatch Finland and an associate fellow at Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He has previously held the position of Secretary-General overseeing the Security and Defence Committee within the Finnish Ministry of Defence from 2007 to 2013 and worked in various positions in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Bringing on external advice can help you achieve so much more, so much faster, by leveraging the experience of others. However, as with any new relationship, it’s best for everyone if the nature of the relationship is formalized so that expectations are met.

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