Measuring latency at ns accuracy and more

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5G and IoT-related features added to Ruge, the IP load generator in the latest set of releases.

Latency with ns accuracy

Latency is the one most important feature in 5G and the enabler behind real-time mission-critical applications. The latency requirement of 1ms will be made up of combined latencies of device processing, air interface, and network latency. In order to measure and improve the latency components, the measurement needs to be precise. This is now possible with Ruge, as the latest releases include latency measurement with nanosecond-level accuracy.

Iot specific protocol support

Testing an IoT network involves, for example, simulating signaling traffic from sensors. To enable load testing IoT systems support for MQTT and CoAP protocol support.

RestAPI testing is now also possible with the added support for HTTP JSON payload. The support allows checking the response validity easily.

The releases 2.5.0, 2.5.1 and 2.6.0 include also support for HTTP server, FTP client and general usability and bug fixes.

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