Sales office opened in Helsinki

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Rugged Tooling has opened a new sales office in Helsinki, to serve as a base for our new Senior Sales Manager Jukka Ruotsalainen. Having joined the company at the beginning of August, Jukka is a new addition to the Rugged sales team. He is a seasoned B2B sales professional with 10 years of experience and a keen interest in cybersecurity.

“Rugged Tooling is a highly specialized company that creates advanced technical solutions,” explains Jukka. “I have always been fascinated by technology, so working in high-tech is a great match for me.”

The new office is located at Teollisuuskeskus on Eteläranta 10. The building is an architectural gem that dates back to the year 1952. It was initially built to serve the visitors of Helsinki Olympics in the same year.

”We are happy to have Jukka in our team,” says Risto Kauppi, acting CEO of Rugged Tooling. “Jukka has exactly the right combination of sales experience and tech knowledge to help us on our growth path.”


Teollisuuskeskus at Eteläranta 10. Picture taken by Jaana Maijala, courtesy of Helsinki City Museum.

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