Ruge – Rugged IP load generator

Ruge – Rugged IP load generator

Ruge stress tests your network by loading it with enormous amounts of data as traffic load or as a cyber attack.

With Ruge you can

  • Test your cyber resilience with simulated cyber-attacks (DDoS)
  • Use load testing to find out where your system capacity thresholds are
  • Optimise your network
  • Perform negative testing with data beyond spec boundaries

Ruge emulates millions of simultaneously transmitting devices or traffic sources in a millisecond.

Accuracy and power

Rugged IP load generator  Ruge can stress the target system by generating a load beyond your specification limits. Stress testing is performed with highly accurate time stamping in which the theoretical line rate can be achieved with any data type or combination.

Flexibility to create your scenario

There are no restrictions for the type of data used since Ruge uses pre-recorded reference sessions. These sessions are then multiplied to represent a great number of users or different sources. In addition, Ruge offers a flexible protocol stack configuration in which any required layer can be added or modified.

Ruge in capacity testing

In load testing, Ruge is used to stress the system with enormous data amounts to find system thresholds and ensure that the capacity meets expectations. The flexibility of the tool lets you create exactly the type and amount of traffic you need.

Ruge emulates a large number of traffic sources by creating either stateless or stateful traffic.

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Ruge in emulating DDoS attacks

Ruge can create realistic DDoS attack scenarios, either from a set of attacks from a library, or you can create your own attack based on your own data. You can create malicious data outside spec boundaries to truly put your system to the test.

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Platforms for Ruge


Breeze is a portable platform for traffic rates up to 1Gbps with electrical connections.


Thunder is an U-rack mountable platform for up to 10Gbps with optical connections.


Blizzard is an U-rack mountable platform with up to 100Gbps traffic rates.

Ruge comes with our Rugged Toolbox GUI for Linux and Windows platforms. Combine Ruge with Rude for optimal testing results.

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