Why should we care about cyber security?

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“Cyber security is the most important element of our security today”, says Juha Remes, CEO of Finnish Information Security Cluster FISC. “Throughout the 100 years of the history of Finland, our happiness and wellbeing have been based on freedom, safety, and trust. Being independent has meant securing our borders through military action and financially, but this is changing. Digitalization has broken physical boundaries and independence means more than securing the physical borders, it means being cyber secure. Finland has stayed physically untouched for the past 100 years, to remain untouched in the digital realm requires cyber security know-how and self-sufficiency in cyber security.

Within Europe, Finland is one of the few countries that have a significant enough cyber security industry that can stand up to leading global companies. This ensures that our cyber security does not have to rely on outside forces. It is not necessary to create everything in Finland, but as a nation, we need the ability to independently combine and further develop solutions. Self-sufficiency and superb cyber security know-how are instrumental in defending our country from being breached by spies or external influencers.”

This is what Juha told us when asked why we should care about cyber security. FISC is a partner in the upcoming Cyber Security Nordic exhibition, which will be held at 26.-27.9. in Helsinki. Why this exhibition, and why now? “What is still missing in Finland is a global-scale cyber security event”, says Juha. “FISC wants to strengthen the cyber security scene by helping to bring in global level keynote speakers”. The already published speakers come from both governmental organizations and leading companies, sure to spark some interesting discussions.  Our team at Rugged Tooling is proud to be a part of the cyber security community and we’ll be there at the exhibition.

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