Rugged Tooling appoints Katja Longhurst as Marketing & Sales Manager

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Katja Longhurst joins the Rugged Tooling team as a Marketing & Sales Manager starting 9th August 2021. With her, Katja brings 20 years of experience in communication, marketing, and customer experience. In her new role, she will be using her expertise to generate new business and to make a difference to Rugged Tooling’s customers worldwide. She will be a valuable addition to the team as Rugged Tooling grows and develops over the coming years.


We are thrilled to welcome Katja to the Rugged Tooling team!

This is an image of Katja Longhurst. She is the Marketing & Sales Manager at Rugged Tooling.
Katja Longhurst is the new Marketing & Sales Manager at Rugged Tooling.


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