Nohau to resell Rugged Tooling testing tools in the Nordics

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As of March 2021, Nohau Solutions AB and Rugged Tooling have agreed to add Rugged Tooling testing tools into Nohau’s product portfolio. Nohau is a supplier to Europe’s embedded industry with a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Rugged Tooling provides monitoring and testing tools for IP traffic.

The IP network testing tools of Rugged Tooling will enable Nohau to extend their product portfolio and offering to their customers, while Nohau’s good position within the embedded industry will allow Rugged Tooling to serve more customers in the Nordic area.

“With the advancing digitalization, and smart industries, the robustness of IP networks has become a focal point for companies in various fields. The problems that used to exist solely in telecom, now appear in all connected environments”, says Risto Kauppi, CEO at Rugged Tooling. “Nohau has an in-depth understanding of embedded technologies and a good presence in the Nordics, which make them uniquely capable to serve our mutual customers in the area. “

” Most of our clients develop devices that are connected to the internet, and for the security and up-time is becoming increasingly important. The technologies from Rugged Tooling make it possible to test, already in the lab, how efficient a connected device resists cyberattacks or how it behaves when the network is of poor quality. For Nohau the technologies fit well with our focus on the development of safe and secure embedded devices, says Mikael Johnsson, CEO at Nohau. “


About Rugged Tooling:

Rugged Tooling provides software and hardware solutions for monitoring and testing internet protocol traffic at scale. Our products and services are trusted in 12 countries, where they are used by various authorities and suppliers of critical infrastructure.


About Nohau:

Nohau Solutions AB was founded in Sweden 1981, and has been supplying professional development solutions to Europe’s embedded industry ever since. They supply the industry with the best technologies for safe and secure embedded software development. Nohau helps organizations find solutions that reduce costs and increase the quality of software development and testing.

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