Rugged Tooling expands portfolio of cyber security services

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Rugged Tooling expands portfolio of cyber security services

Cyber security risks are increasing in severity and frequency, which is straining the IT-organizations in many companies. To support these companies in their journey to better cyber security, Rugged Tooling has expanded their services portfolio with practical cyber security services.

The services include Cyber security health check for assessing the current state of the cyber security in the company, Incident response for tackling an ongoing cyberattack and Defense building for improving the cyber security on practical side. In addition, IT-support as a service is offered to provide continuous support.

“These services will provide additional value to our customers”, says Petri Ylläsjärvi, CEO of Rugged Tooling. “There will be great synergy between our cyber security tools and services, resulting in a wider portfolio available to our customers.”

Rugged Tooling is a leading provider of tools and services for ensuring IP network security and robustness, located in Oulu, Finland.

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